5 Party Bag Ideas For Girls

Party bags and take home gifts are by far the hardest part of planning a girls pampering party. Making sure you have the best party bags, the most suitable bags and most of all, that they don’t look cheap or un inviting.

Here are 5 of our party bag and take home gifts for girls and teenagers plus we have even included the links to buy them to save you the hassle, ahh now you can relax!

  1. Teen Spa Party Gift Bags

    Teen spa parties need a more mature take home gift that is relevant but also fun and usable, teen girls and more likely to take something from their spa party experience and want to experiment with beauty at home as opposed to younger girls, we recommend offering them a face pack kit so that they can get their face mask and cucumbers on at home, 7th heaven offer a range of kits, here is our favorite – SUPERFRUITS GIFT PAMER FACE PACK KIT


2. Kids Spa Party Gift Bags

We recommend something fun and creative, unique yet super easy, we found these ready made spa party bags for girls and we think they are awesome, they are suitable for mums on a budget and you can even re create them at home, probably for less if you have the time (or you can be lazy and order them off this link)Girls Pre Filled Luxury Party Bags Filled With Excellent Quality Items – Birthday Party, Pamper, Teens or Sleepovers


3. Princess Party Bags

A must have for little girls who also love being girly girls but with glitter and dress up, these super fun princess party bags come pre filled for some stress busting party bag finding fairy dust! Super cheap and super awesome, here is a link for you to go and buy them. Luxury Girls Princess Party Bags


4. Sleepover Kits / Girls Sleepover Themed Party Bags

Give your guests some party bags they can actually use at their sleepover party, you may also want to add a face pack and 2 slices of cucumber to each bag to keep them quiet while you TRY to sleep, although we all know that no one really sleeps and girls sleepover parties. Here’s a link to some fabulous sleepover party kits that are great for sleepover parties and are super duper cheap! Girls Pre Filled Sleepover Party Kit Bags


5. Luxury Gift to Take Home

If your looking for a luxurious gift for your spa or beauty party guests to take home and you really want the kids and parents to be impressed with your impeccable taste we recommend the following items:

Kids – Snails Nail Polish Set (Snails is a safe non toxic peel off nail polish for kids) and they provide gorgeous nail polish sets which are totally adorable. We recommend these nail varnishes for kids under 10 years. Snails Nail Polish for Children non-toxic water-based Cherry Queen


Teenage Luxury Gift Boxes and Bags by the body shop are cruelty free beautifully presented pampering gifts, here are links to the beauty boxes which are also available on our website – http://www.grumpybutgorgeous.com and also here: The Body Shop Strawberry Beauty Bag Gift Set | Strawberry Shower Gel 60ml | Strawberry Body Butter 50ml | Strawberry Hand Cream 30ml | Red Bath Lily
The Body Shop Strawberry Treats Gift Set


For more girls spa party ideas please visit our website – http://www.grumpybutgorgeous.com


Pink & Purple Spa Party Ideas

Pink and Purple is a popular colour scheme for girls spa parties and you can re create our pink and purple spa party at home by following our easy to follow steps and spa party advise.


You’ll need to get your hands on some fabric, you can buy fabric online from sites like ebay or amazon, we use 3 meters of fabric per 3 seater sofa and 2 meters of fabric per arm chair, if your setting up your party in a hall you can usually cover around 8-10 chairs in a line with 3 meters of fabric, you can always go along to your venue, line the chairs up and measure them before you get there, alternatively, if you know what type of chairs will be provided at the venue, you can buy chair covers and Sashes from online party store like party delights.

Floor Covering

The next step is to buy some purple floor covering, we use plastic table cloths which can be purchased from party delights and similar stores, you can also buy this is rolls if you prefer.


you can use left over fabric to make cushions and get the cushions to fill them from places like Ikea or your local furnishing store. You can also purchase cool fluffy cushions, pamper me cushions and novelty cushions to add to your girls spa party from places like ebay and amazon.

Foot Spas

We recommend you get a foot bath or foot spa for every child, this way they don’t have to share, you don’t have to waste your time emptying, cleaning and re filling the foot spas for each girl when they want to have a go etc etc, its also a great idea because it keeps the girls entertained, don’t fill the spas up too much to begin with and then as the party goes on you can add in bath salts, bath bombs, bubble bath, offer a foot scrub and foot massage and keep topping up their foot spa with hot water so that they feel constantly at ease, relaxed and most importantly they wont be winging that their foot spa got cold, you can buy pink foot spas from places like Argos and you can also buy them off ebay and amazon, the electric foot spas will need to be plugged in so you must ensure they are plugged in away from the water and covered so that they look aesthetically good.

If you will only use your foot spas once you can let each girl keep their foot spa along with a take home gift from the party.

If you want a cheap alternative we recommend buying laundry buckets, you can get these pink pink and purple and you can alternate your colours to give an uber cool look at your spa party. Here’s some cool foot spa ideas


It’s a cool idea to get some pink and purple open toe slippers, they will look great on display in your party set up, either display on the seats of the girls, balance on the foot spa ledges or place a pair in front or next to each girls foot spa, if the girls need to go to the toilet or if they need to get out of the foot spas to get their arty food, at least if they forget to dry their feet or you dont have time to dry their feet they will have slippers to pop straight on, these are usually toweling material and dry their feet as they walk! Perfecto!

Party Invites

If you are having a spa party you will definitely need spa party invites! Preferably in your chosen party colors, here is an example of one of our free printable party invites, feel free to use them for this party theme.

party invites 1.png

Party Favours

Its a great idea to have some colour themed party boxes and fill them with your favorite pampering treats. The cheapest and most effective party bag contents are £1 face mask sachet which you can purchase from the £1 shop, argos, superdrug, boots and similar stores. A shower gel or bath bomb and a bath puff or sponge. Add some suitable sweets and a balloon and even a thank you card and your done! You can get some personalised party stickers to add the front of the box.


Ribbon Tied Towels

For your towels we always recommend white towels as these are more spa like and in general they just look so fresh and so clean clean, you can also get pink and purple towels to match your party theme and we recommend you roll them and tie them with your favourite ribbon, you can either knot the ribbon or tie it in a bow, what ever styel appeals to you more. you can either display these in a stacked up pyramid or in the spa area near every guests seats. We recommend you keep the face cloths on the back of the kids seats or close to them or separate to the ribbon tied towels as the face cloths will need to be used to wipe off face masks before the kids will use their ribbon tied towels to dry their feet or have manicure done with them. You can always have separate towels for these things.

Ikea is a great place to buy sets of coloured towels and its relatively low cost, alternatively you can go to a company like towel soft and get your guests towels personalised.

If you don’t want to plan your own girls spa party you can contact us – http://www.grumpybutgorgeous.com we are based in London and we provide spa parties for girls of all ages for all occasions.

Plan A Girls Beauty Party

Beauty parties always prove to be fantastic parties for girls regardless of what occasion it is for. They are filled with lots and lots of fun and offer a variety of activities to indulge in. You end up spending a good time with your friends and remembering it forever. All you want is some good planning and creative ideas for your girl’s beauty party, to make it memorable and enjoyable for you and your guests. Suitable time duration (we recommend 2.5 hours) with appropriate activities will make it a perfect party to attend.

  1. Girls Beauty Party Invitations

Making party invites for girl’s beauty parties is as easy as you want it to be, you can find many printable invites on sites like Etsy or you can buy some from online stores like party delights. Let the girls know that they are going to have a fun time whenever they receive the invitation from you. Choose cards which fit the theme of the party for example makeover parties, spa parties, sleepover party themes etc. You can add beauty logos on to them for teenagers to make it look more designer or fun looking images don;t forget to include the date, time and venue on it.

Personalise the invitation messages on each invite to make each guest feel special. Personalise the information of the event. Girls will feel excited for the day of the party after receiving your gorgeous party invite and the details of a relaxation day and a beauty party.  At the end of the party you can also give a customized thank you note to every girl to make them feel special in their own way.

2. Girls Beauty Party Decorations

While choosing the decorations for the party, think about your favourite colours, you can make the spa room look relaxing and spa like by using pastel colours like white, pink and blue or you can go super crazy and use pinks and zebra which is very on trend at the moment, you can also buy matching party plates and cups etc from online companies or ebay and you can download printable decorations from sites like Etsy.

Mix and match the colors of the table cloth, crockery, napkins etc. you can use the pink zebra design or strawberry themed napkins and table cloth. These colors and themes can be used in balloons decorations, streamers, hanging decors which will enhance the beauty and nature of the event. You can also get a personalised banner to match your party theme online!

Different stations of nail polish, manicure, pedicure, face masks, foot baths can be set up and any other activities you would like to have. You can look on our website Grumpy But Gorgeous for ideas on what you could include in your Girls Beauty Party.

3. Girls Beauty Party Food

No party is complete until or unless there is no food served in it. We recommend you have finger food or order in Pizza, the less fuss the better both for mum and the kids. You can create some really cool beauty themed party food or go super healthy if you are having a spa beauty party, you can check out our other blog pages to find out more about this. Bottles of mineral water with personalised labels is also a great idea and is such a popular addition to beauty parties, you can print the labels off at home or have them professionally designed and printed online, Etsy is also another great site for this.

Beverages like 7UP punch and raspberry can be served to enhance the color scheme and it looks great in a glass pitcher with floating raspberries, we sometimes use a drinks canister and put pink lemonade inside with floating lemon slices, this is a great cute addition to any beauty party, especially in the summer months.

There can be an addition of the chocolate covered strawberries for girls. Have a bowl of fresh strawberries, blueberries, sliced bananas, pineapples and more fruits along with the flavored yogurt and glasses of fresh juices along with a blender and ice placed nearby. Let the girls make themselves healthy smoothies or simply enjoy the fruits and the juices.

Hot chocolate and marshmallows is also a perfect addition if you are planning to have a sleepover beauty party.

4. Games And Activities For Girl’s Beauty Party

Girls can give each other new Hair Styles and you can also have a parent style the girl’s hair by using the straightener, curling wands and rollers, rollers look super awesome while sat in the foot spas with a face pack and cucumber on, this would make a super awesome photo. You can always call a hairdresser from a beauty parlor or hire a mobile hairdresser or a pamper party company to help out if you don’t want to do everything yourself.

You can make them play Blind Beauty Make Over, where each one of them draws a number from the jar in order to see in which sequence they will play game. The girl picked #1 put on the blindfold and applies makeup on the one who got #2, it would be really fun for everyone, a little messy but a real good laugh, you can take some really funny pictures afterwards.

5. Girls Beauty Party Favors

Place a nail polish along with cotton balls and a pedicure pack in some jar. If you personalize the favors for everyone, they will feel out of this world. Another cool way to  say thanks to the girls for joining you on the party, is to present them bath poof hair ties, rubber duckies, and any other cute surprise which you will surprise them.

You can find more great beauty party ideas at our website –http://www.grumpybutgorgeous.com

The Best Girls Sleepover Party Ideas 2016

Girls sleepover parties are a part of growing up, having a girly night in can sound like an awesome idea (for girls) but for parents it can be a stressful event, we have some great sleepover party suggestions, tips and ideas to make sure your girls slumber party is the best ever!

Midnight Snacks

Sleepover parties usually don’t involve a lot of sleeping, there is likely to be a lot of giggling, rummaging for food in the fridge and tinkering about until the early hours or straight through til morning if the girls decide to do the all nighter competition to see who can stay up the latest! (yawn)

You need to make sure you leave out plenty of snacks for the girls to give the girls something to munch away on while they are catching up on their chick flicks and exchanging girly gossip about their crazy little lives.

Hot Chocolate, crisps, muffins, popcorn and Doritos with dips are great for the girls to pick at as the night goes along. If you want to prevent hyperactive kids and your looking to have a peaceful nights sleep then your crazy but we recommend you provide the girls with only savory snacks rather than sugary snacks, savory food usually makes the girls feel sleepy rather than hyperactive! You can get some really cool items to help you present the snacks in a fun girly way.

Putting your cakes and snacks on cake stands can make your party snacks look really cool, and you don’t have to blow your budget on the snacks you provide, kids don’t like the fancy things us grown ups do so keep it simple.


Sleepover Party Decorations

Pink is always a great colour for girls sleepover parties, you can make your own hanging decorations or get some printable ones offline to add a personal but awesome touch to your party. We love this goodnight sleepover party bunting from Party Delights and you can download it here.


Girls Sleepover Party Games

Spin the bottle is an awesome game for girls sleepover parties, spin the bottle and who ever it lands on has to do a truth or dare that you come up with. The biggest tip we can give you is to have all the truth or dares written out on pieces of paper, when someone chooses a dare they take a dare from the dare pot and vice versa. This way you can set the boundaries. Here are a few of our truth or dare spin the bottle ideas for your pieces of paper:


1. Stuff marshmallows in your mouth and sing “twinkle twinkle little star”

2. Eat a spoon of mustard.

3. Do sit ups for 30 seconds.

4. Try to lick your elbow.

5. Do a crabwalk across the room.

6. Peel a banana using your feet.

7. Spin around 10 times and try to walk a straight line.

8. Keep a straight face as the other kids do their best to make you laugh for one minute.

9. Balance a spoon on your nose for 10 seconds

10. Act like a gorilla and pretend to pick bugs out of your friend’s hair.


  1. Who do you love the most
  2. Who is your celebrity crush
  3. Have you ever picked your nose and eaten it
  4. What annoys you the most

You will have lots more truths that you want to know i am sure!!!

If you struggle for DIY truth or dare games you can download one from delights direct here


A good movie

Whatever your age, a sleepover’s not a sleepover without a good old movie to keep you entertained. Here are a few good movie ideas to choose from!

Best sleepover movies for girls under 10:

  • Frozen
  • The Princess Diaries
  • High School Musical (1, 2 and 3 if you’re up for a movie marathon!)
  • Monster High
  • Minions
  • Despicable Me

Best sleepover movies for tweens: 

  • Mean Girls
  • 17 Again
  • Hairspray

Relaxation Time

If you really do want to put an emphasis on relaxation face maskand girly time then buying some face packs and slicing up some cucumber will work a treat. You can leave the girls with them and they will put on their face packs all together without help usually, you can always sneak in when they have it on to take some embarrassing photos of them.

We recommend the Montagne Jeunesse Basket Full of Goodies from argos which has everything the girls will need to have a fun night in with some pampering and it’s only £9.99, you could even get the girls one each to take home and their party bag or one for the birthday girl as a special pamper yourself present.

Throw a Sleepover Spa Party


The best option of your girls sleepover party is to hire a professional girls party company to host one of their fabulous girls sleepover parties or even email them to ask for some girls sleepover party ideas.

We have some awesome girls sleepover party packages check them out at our website – http://www.grumpybutgorgeous.com





Princess Pamper Parties

Princess Pamper Parties

All girls love to dress up no matter how young or old we are, we all love putting our lippy on and getting into character, whether that be for a night out or for a party.

Kids absolutely love princess’and it all praise to Disney for creating some awesome characters that little girls all around the world aspire to be like.

Little girls would love to have some sparkling and glittering cosmetics on the hair and face, combined with nail varnish and princess costume. Grumpy But Gorgeous understands that the makeover should not be the only fun part in the party, but there must be other fun activities to create memorable experiences with friends and all the party guests.

Parents are involved during preparation and there will be discussions about what services to provide. It allows your daughters to satisfy their imaginations and creative mind, but we make sure that all those things are under your guidance and supervisions. While the girls have fun, parents have the needed peace of mind, knowing that their beloved ones are in good hands, being treated and spoiled as they deserve.

Grumpy But Gorgeous works only with professional staff members who understand how to make every little girl’s day feel special yet safe for their still-growing skin tissues throughout the body. All treatments and cosmetics applied to every girl are completely safe. To make sure of it, we will consult parents about any underlying skin conditions and other things we should know in advance.

Many young girls play with unattended cosmetic equipment and put themselves in risk of skin damages due to direct exposure to harm chemicals. Instead of putting your daughters to the risk, Grumpy But Gorgeous has the right safe solution. Let us not forget that children cosmetic kits come at a price, and purchasing the kit is not actually a budget-minded decision because you will not want to let your kids apply the cosmetics too often. Instead of spending money on something your kids rarely use, Grumpy But Gorgeous has what it takes to celebrate special occasions for your daughters without breaking the bank and other risks.

Ideas for Princess Pamper Parties

Girly Girl Princess Pamper Party

  • 2 X GAMES


Princess Make-up Party

  • Princess Room Décor
  • Some Curls and Glitter Hair Spray
  • Blush
  • Gloss
  • Eye Shadow
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Snazaroo Cheek Designs
  • Nail Paint With Glitter
  • Party Games
  • Princess Accessory Catwalk on Pink Carpet

Frozen Themed Spa Party

  1. Elsa & Olaf Character Robes
  2. Foot Spas with Blue Water
  3. White and Blue Frozen Themed Room Decor
  4. Cucumbers on Eyes
  5. Frosty Glitter Finger Nails
  6. Frosty Glitter Toe Nails
  7. Frozen Colouring Packs
  8. Frosty Glitter Hair Spray
  9. Party Games

Princess Pamper Party

  2. Colour HAIR SPRAY
  8. 1 X GAME

Makeover Party Ideas for Kids & Teenagers

Girls Makeover Parties are ever popular parties for girls of all ages, you can throw fashion parties, catwalk parties, photo shoot parties and much much more along side a makeover, how fun you make your makeover party is completely up to you.

Kids Makeover Parties

We love to throw fashionista parties for kids, these parties include fun make-up and lots of dress up accessories so that we can have enormous amounts of fun. Being dressed up with super girly make-up whilst playing party games is super fun for any young girl and we love there to be lots of funny photo opportunities for Mum so she can capture those hilarious memories that will surely last a lifetime.

Teen Makeover Parties

For teenagers, we prefer our au natural parties we would recommend these parties as they are natural, not over the top and they teach the girls to apply natural cover up make-up, natural going out looks and super gorgeous makeup and hair styles that enhance their natural beauty, not take away from it. We don’t provide heave make-up for teenagers as its simply not needed!!!

makeover parties for teenage girls in london
Teenage girls styling their hair


5 Girls Spa Party Planning Ideas

5 Girls Spa Party Planning Ideas

Your girls always want to have just as much fun as you did when your girlfriends came over for a sleep over … jumping on the bed, pillow fights, putting make up on each other etc. You could stand out to be the talk of the party circuit mom’s if you put a little bit of planning for your girls’ spa party. To plan the perfect spa party, here are 5 party ideas you will need.

Send Creative Spa Invites

You will need creative spa invitations to organize the perfect spa party for your daughter. Ensure that the invite is not only creative but also fits the theme perfectly. There are different ways to do this. Here are some examples; you can either choose to attach party information to new head bands and slippers which they can come along with to the spa party or write party information on flip-flops they can bring/wear to the party.

You can also choose to send creative spa invitations by writing party information on sleep masks, printing party information on address labels and attaching them to lotion bottles and sending to guests. Also, you can ask guest to arrive in their pajamas or bring slippers and robes to the spa party.

Personalise Your Party Setting

Right from the moment they receive their invitations, every girl knows that they are in for a fun night. The fun part of the show begins once the invites are sent. This helps to create the perfect setting for the celebration. Personalizing Girl’s Spa Party is all about decorations. This activity can be carried out in anyway depending on what you want.

Sheets can be hung around the spa room to provide the dreamy feeling every girl longs to have. Use white Christmas style lights to decorate the tables and the room. For more fun and colorful setting, use Chinese lanterns. To be more realistic, create spa stations. To do this, you will need to setup a few chairs with several tables around each other. Organize your setting by creating a station for hair, skin, makeup manicures and pedicures.

Friends and family members can help with the stations while the girls can rotate through the stations by changing every 15 minutes. For a small fee, appoint a local hair stylist to come in for an hour or so to do “up-do’s’ on the girls’ hair. You can let the girls see how they would look in different hairstyles using a hairstyling computer program. Use large chairs, couches or pillows to set up a comfortable area for the girls.

Provide Spa Food For The Party

Without the availability of snacks, a sleepover cannot be complete. To indulge the little girls’ love for sweets, provide a selection of salty, sugary, juicy or sweet desserts. Also, you can place trays of chocolate covered strawberries, Rice Kris pie treats cut into circles or hearts, fruit kababs, chocolates etc around the waiting rooms, so while the girls are waiting they can nibble through. For something to drink, set out sparkling cider in champagne flutes or you can choose to use bright pink beverages to enhance the color scheme of the party such as 7UP Punch (Raspberry) as it is a girl’s night.

To prevent anyone from stopping the festivities to indulge in a treat with a spoon or fork, choose snacks that are easy to pick up and eat. Serve up sandwiches and cookies that are well shaped like flip flops. Compliment the color scheme of your celebration by using a blending color for icing or sprinkles to decorate your cupcakes. Create treats that are designed to look like nail polish bottles or cotton balls with marshmallows.

For her big day, feel free to think outside the box with your party accessories. Colorful paper straws are not only associated with drinks but they are also great for cupcake toppers and can be trimmed down for this purpose. Give cucumbers a cute shape by using your favorite floral cookie cutters.

Fun Games and Lovely Activities

There are different kinds of activities and games that can make your spa party worth enjoying. Get everyone engaged in the fun by setting up several interesting activities around the room. Get the future artists busy, with one activity or the other such as trying a new do with an assortment of hair accessories, washing away their daily worries with a purifying face mask or working on their nail art.

Have each of your daughter’s friends to take part in selecting the color of their pedis and manis by putting a fun twist on Spin the Bottle. It is important to note that, pedicures and manicures are a must at any spa party which must be carried out once the nail polish colors are chosen. Provide your guests with the ultimate pampering experience with a head to toe spa kit. Allow the girls to make their own face masks, lip gloss, hand lotion, bath salts, and bath bombs.

Thank You Packages For Your Guests

Providing Spa party favors is a great way of saying thank you after an event as this. Joyfully send your guest home with a pink box of manicure set and a bath poof of their own. This will make them to continue remembering the party even days after the excitement of the spa party is over as they will continue to get themselves refreshed with their very own spa-style products. To make a cute pedicure pack, combine pedicure tools with cotton rounds and nail polish.

If you don’t want to organise your own girls spa party you can contact Grumpy But Gorgeous Pamper Parties who have been planning girls spa parties for many years.


5 Ideas For Kids Healthy Spa Party Food

When you think spa you think light, fresh, indulgent, sumptuous and organic.

Grumpy But Gorgeous has put together 5 top ideas for your DIY healthy kids spa party food. You can easily prepare these at home and they will make fabulous, fun, healthy alternatives to pizza and fries for your girls spa party.

1. Flip Flop Sandwiches


The precious little flip flop sandwiches were made using a bean shaped cookie cutter to cut out the sandwiches, then reshaping the cut-outs a little to make them look more like flip flops. They’re decorated with cucumber peel straps and pea size tomato embellishments. A toothpick in the tomato holds everything together.

2. Guacamole Spa Face


The “spa-licious” guacamole is so cute and is made with Guacamole, red peppers for the lips, an iceberg lettuce spa cap and cucumbers on the eyes. There’s even a blueberry “beauty mark”!

3. Cucumber Sandwiches


Allergy-Friendly Cucumber Sandwiches

  • 1 Cucumber cut into 1/4″ slices
  • 2 Roma Tomatoes cut into 1/4″ slices
  • 6 Slices of Turkey cut with biscuit cutter
  • Guacamole

Using the above ingredients, assemble sandwiches with the cucumbers on the top and bottom.

4. Hummus & Turkey Pin Wheels


Hummus Turkey Pinwheels

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes

Yield: 5-6 pinwheels

Pinwheels make a quick and easy lunch that is fun for everyone. They pack well, or you can enjoy them at home.


  • 1 corn tortilla
  • 1-2 tablespoons hummus
  • 1-2 slices turkey
  • small handful of baby spinach
  • 1 slice red bell pepper (I used roasted red bell pepper but raw is great too.)
  • toothpicks


  1. Smear your corn tortillas with hummus.
  2. Lining all the ingredients on the the edge closest to you place the turkey slice(s), spinach, and red bell pepper.
  3. Carefully roll the pinwheel starting with the edge closest to you and rolling away from your body.
  4. Hold the pinwheel in place using 5-6 toothpicks, places 1/2-1 inch apart.Slice in-between the toothpicks using a sharp knife.

5. Chocolate Coated Strawberry’s


These are an oldie but a goodie – and they’re super easy to make when you need something sweet right now. After melting some chocolate, dip in strawberries and place them on a tray in the freezer until the chocolate is hard. For an extra hit of antioxidants, use dark chocolate.

How To Plan A Spa Party

A ‘ѕра раrtу’ аѕ the name іndісаtеѕ, іѕ meant tо bе a rеlаxіng fun time where уоu раmреr yourself аnd уоur frіеndѕ, and іѕ nоt mеаnt tо ѕtrеѕѕ you оut. Sо your ѕра раrtу bеgіnѕ lоng before thе actual еvеnt, durіng thе рlаnnіng ѕtаgеѕ. Don’t fret or stress уоurѕеlf out.

Tо Plan a spa раrtу, a few simple ѕtерѕ hаvе tо be fоllоwеd.

Spa аt Hоmе Oрtіоn

Sеnd out a lоvеlу іnvіtе. Email іnvіtеѕ аrе fіnе, but еnѕurе that you uѕе a bіt оf сrеаtіvіtу and mаkе thе есаrd ѕау grарhісаllу what the ѕра party wіll bе like. Follow uр the invitation wіth a fоllоw uр еmаіl оr gentle rеmіndеr. If уоu wаnt to mаkе іt rеаllу саѕuаl, уоu can аѕk your frіеndѕ to bring ѕоmе mаnісurе, реdісurе ѕеtѕ аnd mауbе a fеw bоttlеѕ оf nаіl polish. Nоw соmеѕ thе fun раrt! Yоu need tо gо ѕhорріng tо buу thе ѕtuff you nееd tо hоѕt a ѕра раrtу.

1.         You соuld find аll the ѕtuff уоu need іn a grocery store nеаr your house.

2.         Scout аrоund fоr thе services оf a рrоfеѕѕіоnаl mаѕѕеuѕе аnd bооk hіѕ/ her tіmе іn аdvаnсе. Yоur friends саn enjoy ѕіmрlе foot massages or lіе down аnd get a full bоdу mаѕѕаgе.

3.         On thе dау оf thе party, сrеаtе thе mооd, wіth lіghtѕ, muѕіс аnd іf possible, аrоmаtіс candles. Aromatic саndlеѕ еmіt саlmіng ѕсеntѕ аnd wіll ѕеt the mооd rіght. Sоft muѕіс wіll саlm ѕоrе nеrvеѕ.

4.         Frеѕh flоwеrѕ іn vаѕеѕ, magazines, аnd ѕоmе ѕnасkѕ will give thе right touch оf casual, and уеt professional party ѕра раrtу арреаrаnсе.

5.         Along wіth the massage rооm, уоu саn сrеаtе ѕmаll alcoves fоr уоur friends tо gеt a реdісurе or a manicure.

Whіlе уоu can hіrе thе ѕеrvісеѕ оf a соuрlе оf bеаutісіаnѕ, the fun way is to give еасh other a реdісurе or a mаnісurе. Hоѕtіng a spa раrtу is sure tо bе fun! Your spa meals ѕhоuld be hеаlth ѕnасkѕ with loads оf hydration. Hеrbаl tеаѕ wіth flavors like сhаmоmіlе, lavender, аnd lemon grass are great tо ѕір оn whіlе thе flоwеrѕ and the саndlе’ѕ diffuse thе rооm wіth thеіr frаgrаnсе. Fіnаllу, thе muѕіс аnd the dіm lіght will make your frіеndѕ wоndеr if thеу hаvе dіеd аnd gоnе tо spa hеаvеn.

How tо Host a Spa Pаrtу іn a Spa Resort

Sіnсе you wіll bе spending mоnеу on hоѕtіng thіѕ party, еnѕurе thаt уоur friends RSVP their attendance.

Take a guеѕѕ оn all thе spa trеаtmеntѕ уоur friends wоuld enjoy. Make appointments for thеm. Enѕurе tо gеt a gооd расkаgе wіth discounts since thіѕ іѕ a lаrgе booking.

Gіvе thе ѕра people іnѕtruсtіоnѕ оn the mооd уоu wоuld like them tо create, і.е., аrоmаtіс саndlеѕ, flоwеrѕ, music еtс. Teach thеm the рrіnсірlеѕ on hоw to hоѕt a spa раrtу.

If thе ѕра саn provide hеrbаl tеа аnd rеfrеѕhmеntѕ, іt wоuld аdd the fіnаl tоuсh оf a special раrtу.

Fіnаllу, giving уоur friends ѕmаll gifts whісh thеу can take bасk wіth thеm will еаrn you thе gооdwіll and credential аѕ a wonderful party thrоwеr. Enjoy!

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