Top 5 Make-up Party Ideas

Makeover parties for kids can be super awesome fun, you must always remember to try not to get to serious about the make-up and hairstyle your going for with kids. Allowing them to select their own eye shadows and lipsticks is a no brainer, allow the party to be fun and if your planning on going out for foot after the party, make it a fun place to go, let the restaurant and/or your pamper party company know in advance or use a natural collection of make-up and let the girls choose from those natural colours instead!

Check out our other blogs for advise on make-up and nail varnishes for kids if you are planning on doing the party yourself.

Fashionista Party

This party is so much fun and is an awesome party for girls aged 7 – 10 years, for this party you’ll need the following:

  • Hats (a variety)
  • Feather Boas (we prefer pink)
  • Beaded Necklaces
  • Tutu’s (variety of colours)
  • Red Carpet
  • Mini Disco Lights
  • Bubble Machine
  • Party Music
  • Make-up pallets
  • Variety of Nail Polishes (peel off if you prefer)