5 Girls Spa Party Planning Ideas

5 Girls Spa Party Planning Ideas

Your girls always want to have just as much fun as you did when your girlfriends came over for a sleep over … jumping on the bed, pillow fights, putting make up on each other etc. You could stand out to be the talk of the party circuit mom’s if you put a little bit of planning for your girls’ spa party. To plan the perfect spa party, here are 5 party ideas you will need.

Send Creative Spa Invites

You will need creative spa invitations to organize the perfect spa party for your daughter. Ensure that the invite is not only creative but also fits the theme perfectly. There are different ways to do this. Here are some examples; you can either choose to attach party information to new head bands and slippers which they can come along with to the spa party or write party information on flip-flops they can bring/wear to the party.

You can also choose to send creative spa invitations by writing party information on sleep masks, printing party information on address labels and attaching them to lotion bottles and sending to guests. Also, you can ask guest to arrive in their pajamas or bring slippers and robes to the spa party.

Personalise Your Party Setting

Right from the moment they receive their invitations, every girl knows that they are in for a fun night. The fun part of the show begins once the invites are sent. This helps to create the perfect setting for the celebration. Personalizing Girl’s Spa Party is all about decorations. This activity can be carried out in anyway depending on what you want.

Sheets can be hung around the spa room to provide the dreamy feeling every girl longs to have. Use white Christmas style lights to decorate the tables and the room. For more fun and colorful setting, use Chinese lanterns. To be more realistic, create spa stations. To do this, you will need to setup a few chairs with several tables around each other. Organize your setting by creating a station for hair, skin, makeup manicures and pedicures.

Friends and family members can help with the stations while the girls can rotate through the stations by changing every 15 minutes. For a small fee, appoint a local hair stylist to come in for an hour or so to do “up-do’s’ on the girls’ hair. You can let the girls see how they would look in different hairstyles using a hairstyling computer program. Use large chairs, couches or pillows to set up a comfortable area for the girls.

Provide Spa Food For The Party

Without the availability of snacks, a sleepover cannot be complete. To indulge the little girls’ love for sweets, provide a selection of salty, sugary, juicy or sweet desserts. Also, you can place trays of chocolate covered strawberries, Rice Kris pie treats cut into circles or hearts, fruit kababs, chocolates etc around the waiting rooms, so while the girls are waiting they can nibble through. For something to drink, set out sparkling cider in champagne flutes or you can choose to use bright pink beverages to enhance the color scheme of the party such as 7UP Punch (Raspberry) as it is a girl’s night.

To prevent anyone from stopping the festivities to indulge in a treat with a spoon or fork, choose snacks that are easy to pick up and eat. Serve up sandwiches and cookies that are well shaped like flip flops. Compliment the color scheme of your celebration by using a blending color for icing or sprinkles to decorate your cupcakes. Create treats that are designed to look like nail polish bottles or cotton balls with marshmallows.

For her big day, feel free to think outside the box with your party accessories. Colorful paper straws are not only associated with drinks but they are also great for cupcake toppers and can be trimmed down for this purpose. Give cucumbers a cute shape by using your favorite floral cookie cutters.

Fun Games and Lovely Activities

There are different kinds of activities and games that can make your spa party worth enjoying. Get everyone engaged in the fun by setting up several interesting activities around the room. Get the future artists busy, with one activity or the other such as trying a new do with an assortment of hair accessories, washing away their daily worries with a purifying face mask or working on their nail art.

Have each of your daughter’s friends to take part in selecting the color of their pedis and manis by putting a fun twist on Spin the Bottle. It is important to note that, pedicures and manicures are a must at any spa party which must be carried out once the nail polish colors are chosen. Provide your guests with the ultimate pampering experience with a head to toe spa kit. Allow the girls to make their own face masks, lip gloss, hand lotion, bath salts, and bath bombs.

Thank You Packages For Your Guests

Providing Spa party favors is a great way of saying thank you after an event as this. Joyfully send your guest home with a pink box of manicure set and a bath poof of their own. This will make them to continue remembering the party even days after the excitement of the spa party is over as they will continue to get themselves refreshed with their very own spa-style products. To make a cute pedicure pack, combine pedicure tools with cotton rounds and nail polish.

If you don’t want to organise your own girls spa party you can contact Grumpy But Gorgeous Pamper Parties who have been planning girls spa parties for many years.