Pink & Purple Spa Party Ideas

Pink and Purple is a popular colour scheme for girls spa parties and you can re create our pink and purple spa party at home by following our easy to follow steps and spa party advise.


You’ll need to get your hands on some fabric, you can buy fabric online from sites like ebay or amazon, we use 3 meters of fabric per 3 seater sofa and 2 meters of fabric per arm chair, if your setting up your party in a hall you can usually cover around 8-10 chairs in a line with 3 meters of fabric, you can always go along to your venue, line the chairs up and measure them before you get there, alternatively, if you know what type of chairs will be provided at the venue, you can buy chair covers and Sashes from online party store like party delights.

Floor Covering

The next step is to buy some purple floor covering, we use plastic table cloths which can be purchased from party delights and similar stores, you can also buy this is rolls if you prefer.


you can use left over fabric to make cushions and get the cushions to fill them from places like Ikea or your local furnishing store. You can also purchase cool fluffy cushions, pamper me cushions and novelty cushions to add to your girls spa party from places like ebay and amazon.

Foot Spas

We recommend you get a foot bath or foot spa for every child, this way they don’t have to share, you don’t have to waste your time emptying, cleaning and re filling the foot spas for each girl when they want to have a go etc etc, its also a great idea because it keeps the girls entertained, don’t fill the spas up too much to begin with and then as the party goes on you can add in bath salts, bath bombs, bubble bath, offer a foot scrub and foot massage and keep topping up their foot spa with hot water so that they feel constantly at ease, relaxed and most importantly they wont be winging that their foot spa got cold, you can buy pink foot spas from places like Argos and you can also buy them off ebay and amazon, the electric foot spas will need to be plugged in so you must ensure they are plugged in away from the water and covered so that they look aesthetically good.

If you will only use your foot spas once you can let each girl keep their foot spa along with a take home gift from the party.

If you want a cheap alternative we recommend buying laundry buckets, you can get these pink pink and purple and you can alternate your colours to give an uber cool look at your spa party. Here’s some cool foot spa ideas


It’s a cool idea to get some pink and purple open toe slippers, they will look great on display in your party set up, either display on the seats of the girls, balance on the foot spa ledges or place a pair in front or next to each girls foot spa, if the girls need to go to the toilet or if they need to get out of the foot spas to get their arty food, at least if they forget to dry their feet or you dont have time to dry their feet they will have slippers to pop straight on, these are usually toweling material and dry their feet as they walk! Perfecto!

Party Invites

If you are having a spa party you will definitely need spa party invites! Preferably in your chosen party colors, here is an example of one of our free printable party invites, feel free to use them for this party theme.

party invites 1.png

Party Favours

Its a great idea to have some colour themed party boxes and fill them with your favorite pampering treats. The cheapest and most effective party bag contents are £1 face mask sachet which you can purchase from the £1 shop, argos, superdrug, boots and similar stores. A shower gel or bath bomb and a bath puff or sponge. Add some suitable sweets and a balloon and even a thank you card and your done! You can get some personalised party stickers to add the front of the box.


Ribbon Tied Towels

For your towels we always recommend white towels as these are more spa like and in general they just look so fresh and so clean clean, you can also get pink and purple towels to match your party theme and we recommend you roll them and tie them with your favourite ribbon, you can either knot the ribbon or tie it in a bow, what ever styel appeals to you more. you can either display these in a stacked up pyramid or in the spa area near every guests seats. We recommend you keep the face cloths on the back of the kids seats or close to them or separate to the ribbon tied towels as the face cloths will need to be used to wipe off face masks before the kids will use their ribbon tied towels to dry their feet or have manicure done with them. You can always have separate towels for these things.

Ikea is a great place to buy sets of coloured towels and its relatively low cost, alternatively you can go to a company like towel soft and get your guests towels personalised.

If you don’t want to plan your own girls spa party you can contact us – we are based in London and we provide spa parties for girls of all ages for all occasions.