Plan A Girls Beauty Party

Beauty parties always prove to be fantastic parties for girls regardless of what occasion it is for. They are filled with lots and lots of fun and offer a variety of activities to indulge in. You end up spending a good time with your friends and remembering it forever. All you want is some good planning and creative ideas for your girl’s beauty party, to make it memorable and enjoyable for you and your guests. Suitable time duration (we recommend 2.5 hours) with appropriate activities will make it a perfect party to attend.

  1. Girls Beauty Party Invitations

Making party invites for girl’s beauty parties is as easy as you want it to be, you can find many printable invites on sites like Etsy or you can buy some from online stores like party delights. Let the girls know that they are going to have a fun time whenever they receive the invitation from you. Choose cards which fit the theme of the party for example makeover parties, spa parties, sleepover party themes etc. You can add beauty logos on to them for teenagers to make it look more designer or fun looking images don;t forget to include the date, time and venue on it.

Personalise the invitation messages on each invite to make each guest feel special. Personalise the information of the event. Girls will feel excited for the day of the party after receiving your gorgeous party invite and the details of a relaxation day and a beauty party.  At the end of the party you can also give a customized thank you note to every girl to make them feel special in their own way.

2. Girls Beauty Party Decorations

While choosing the decorations for the party, think about your favourite colours, you can make the spa room look relaxing and spa like by using pastel colours like white, pink and blue or you can go super crazy and use pinks and zebra which is very on trend at the moment, you can also buy matching party plates and cups etc from online companies or ebay and you can download printable decorations from sites like Etsy.

Mix and match the colors of the table cloth, crockery, napkins etc. you can use the pink zebra design or strawberry themed napkins and table cloth. These colors and themes can be used in balloons decorations, streamers, hanging decors which will enhance the beauty and nature of the event. You can also get a personalised banner to match your party theme online!

Different stations of nail polish, manicure, pedicure, face masks, foot baths can be set up and any other activities you would like to have. You can look on our website Grumpy But Gorgeous for ideas on what you could include in your Girls Beauty Party.

3. Girls Beauty Party Food

No party is complete until or unless there is no food served in it. We recommend you have finger food or order in Pizza, the less fuss the better both for mum and the kids. You can create some really cool beauty themed party food or go super healthy if you are having a spa beauty party, you can check out our other blog pages to find out more about this. Bottles of mineral water with personalised labels is also a great idea and is such a popular addition to beauty parties, you can print the labels off at home or have them professionally designed and printed online, Etsy is also another great site for this.

Beverages like 7UP punch and raspberry can be served to enhance the color scheme and it looks great in a glass pitcher with floating raspberries, we sometimes use a drinks canister and put pink lemonade inside with floating lemon slices, this is a great cute addition to any beauty party, especially in the summer months.

There can be an addition of the chocolate covered strawberries for girls. Have a bowl of fresh strawberries, blueberries, sliced bananas, pineapples and more fruits along with the flavored yogurt and glasses of fresh juices along with a blender and ice placed nearby. Let the girls make themselves healthy smoothies or simply enjoy the fruits and the juices.

Hot chocolate and marshmallows is also a perfect addition if you are planning to have a sleepover beauty party.

4. Games And Activities For Girl’s Beauty Party

Girls can give each other new Hair Styles and you can also have a parent style the girl’s hair by using the straightener, curling wands and rollers, rollers look super awesome while sat in the foot spas with a face pack and cucumber on, this would make a super awesome photo. You can always call a hairdresser from a beauty parlor or hire a mobile hairdresser or a pamper party company to help out if you don’t want to do everything yourself.

You can make them play Blind Beauty Make Over, where each one of them draws a number from the jar in order to see in which sequence they will play game. The girl picked #1 put on the blindfold and applies makeup on the one who got #2, it would be really fun for everyone, a little messy but a real good laugh, you can take some really funny pictures afterwards.

5. Girls Beauty Party Favors

Place a nail polish along with cotton balls and a pedicure pack in some jar. If you personalize the favors for everyone, they will feel out of this world. Another cool way to  say thanks to the girls for joining you on the party, is to present them bath poof hair ties, rubber duckies, and any other cute surprise which you will surprise them.

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