5 Party Bag Ideas For Girls

Party bags and take home gifts are by far the hardest part of planning a girls pampering party. Making sure you have the best party bags, the most suitable bags and most of all, that they don’t look cheap or un inviting.

Here are 5 of our party bag and take home gifts for girls and teenagers plus we have even included the links to buy them to save you the hassle, ahh now you can relax!

  1. Teen Spa Party Gift Bags

    Teen spa parties need a more mature take home gift that is relevant but also fun and usable, teen girls and more likely to take something from their spa party experience and want to experiment with beauty at home as opposed to younger girls, we recommend offering them a face pack kit so that they can get their face mask and cucumbers on at home, 7th heaven offer a range of kits, here is our favorite – SUPERFRUITS GIFT PAMER FACE PACK KIT


2. Kids Spa Party Gift Bags

We recommend something fun and creative, unique yet super easy, we found these ready made spa party bags for girls and we think they are awesome, they are suitable for mums on a budget and you can even re create them at home, probably for less if you have the time (or you can be lazy and order them off this link)Girls Pre Filled Luxury Party Bags Filled With Excellent Quality Items – Birthday Party, Pamper, Teens or Sleepovers


3. Princess Party Bags

A must have for little girls who also love being girly girls but with glitter and dress up, these super fun princess party bags come pre filled for some stress busting party bag finding fairy dust! Super cheap and super awesome, here is a link for you to go and buy them. Luxury Girls Princess Party Bags


4. Sleepover Kits / Girls Sleepover Themed Party Bags

Give your guests some party bags they can actually use at their sleepover party, you may also want to add a face pack and 2 slices of cucumber to each bag to keep them quiet while you TRY to sleep, although we all know that no one really sleeps and girls sleepover parties. Here’s a link to some fabulous sleepover party kits that are great for sleepover parties and are super duper cheap! Girls Pre Filled Sleepover Party Kit Bags


5. Luxury Gift to Take Home

If your looking for a luxurious gift for your spa or beauty party guests to take home and you really want the kids and parents to be impressed with your impeccable taste we recommend the following items:

Kids – Snails Nail Polish Set (Snails is a safe non toxic peel off nail polish for kids) and they provide gorgeous nail polish sets which are totally adorable. We recommend these nail varnishes for kids under 10 years. Snails Nail Polish for Children non-toxic water-based Cherry Queen


Teenage Luxury Gift Boxes and Bags by the body shop are cruelty free beautifully presented pampering gifts, here are links to the beauty boxes which are also available on our website – http://www.grumpybutgorgeous.com and also here: The Body Shop Strawberry Beauty Bag Gift Set | Strawberry Shower Gel 60ml | Strawberry Body Butter 50ml | Strawberry Hand Cream 30ml | Red Bath Lily
The Body Shop Strawberry Treats Gift Set


For more girls spa party ideas please visit our website – http://www.grumpybutgorgeous.com