The Best Children’s Pamper Party Company in London

Finding a pamper party company in London can be tricky, there are quite a few companies to choose from these days, but looking at what you get for your money with the children’s pamper party companies in London is extremely worthwhile.

If you live in London and your a busy working mum or run a busy family home, you will know, more than most than finding the time to ensure your daughter has a great party can really get on top of you.

We know a lot of Mum’s who barely have time to sleep at night, let alone organise the event of the year for their child.

What to look for when booking a stress free pamper party with a professional children’s pamper party company in London.

  1. Type of Children’s Pamper Party

You need to come to a decision as to what treatments your child would like to experience, take into account their friends, if some of your daughters friends are tom boys or the sporty type they may not be in to having their hair and make-up done and may prefer a spa or if you have a group of girly girls then a fashion makeover style pamper party may be great idea.

Usual party options include:

  • Spa Parties
  • Manicure / Nail Art Parties
  • Pedicure / Foot Spa Parties
  • Makeover Parties
  • Princess Pamper Parties
  • Catwalk Parties
  • Hollywood Parties
  • Fashion Parties
  • Photo Shoot Parties
  • Limousine Parties
  • Bespoke Children’s Pamper Parties

2. Choosing A Theme For Your Children’s Pamper Party

Once you have decided on a party, you need to decide how your daughter would like to theme the room, what are her favorite films, tv shows or general colours and patterns. Grumpy But Gorgeous’ Children’s Pamper Parties provide a range of party and colour themes, here are the options they provide, they may be able to help you:

  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Pink and Purple Combined
  • Purple and Leopard
  • Purple and Zebra (2016 favorite Pamper Party Styling)
  • Pink and Zebra (2015’s number 1 party theme)
  • White and Zebra (great for zen spas)
  • Princess
  • Fairy
  • Barbie

You can literally theme your daughters pamper party on anything and it will work

3. Choosing party bags for children’s pamper parties

At Grumpy But Gorgeous we always try to choose ethical products that parents will appreciate. For our spa parties and children’s pamper parties we offer a selection of Body Shop themed party bags and boxes that contain no NUTS and have not been tested on animals.

You can also do this if you wish to but there are many other great options available to you, here are links to several options to help you with your children’s pamper parties party bags.

  1. Body Shop Beauty Bag
  2. Body Shop Treats Box
  3. Body Shop Lip Balm Set

4. Children’s Pamper Party Invites

Here are a few printable versions of our own children’s pamper party invites, this is a must and you can get some professionally designed invites of your own by following the links below or you can print off some our ours free of charge to help you out!

2 x pamper party invites.jpg

5. Booking The Best Pamper Party Company In London

The chances are you don;t have time to do all of the above, and if that’s the case, your best option is to book a professional children’s pamper party company in London, Grumpy But Gorgeous will organise all of the above for you, along with collecting consent forms, organising drinks and chocolate fountian and even providing you with some free party bags if you don’t want to upgrade and buy the body shop bags.

They bring a free party theme of your choice and can also delivery balloons, party outfits, red carpets, limousines and more.

Go and take a look at their website: