Top 5 Outdoor Party Ideas For Girls

Summer 2016 is just around the corner but the UK is already being hit by heatwaves meaning you can now take your party party fun into the garden and celebrate outdoors for a real summer feeling party.

As we know, most girls love all this pampering so these top 5 outdoor party ideas for girls are all about summer spa parties, garden pamper parties, summer pool parties and Hawaii themed parties for girls.

  1. Summer Pool Parties For Girls

Booking an outdoor swimming pool or using your own pool at home or an inflatable in the garden is such a cool idea for a birthday party. Our expert party hosts have done many Summer pool parties so we have some great tips for you:

Beach Spa Themed Pool Party

  • Get loads of inflatable balls, beds, palm trees and any other inflatable you can get, blow them up and throw them all in the pool. This will make your pool look super summery and super ready for a party.
  • On the side of the pool have your sun loungers or the floor laid out with your chosen colour towels and a cushion for your friends heads.
  • Get some face packs and cucumber and apply to everyone’s faces at the side of the pool
  • have a great girls spa party company like Grumpy But Gorgeous provide staff for you to give you and your friends a manicure, pedicure or massages at the side of the pool.
  • Blast super cool music that you and your friends love
  • When its time to leave the pool have some awesome mocktails ready for everyone to enjoy!
Summer Pool Parties 

2. Spa Parties In The Garden 

Having a spa party in the garden is one of our favorite things do throw for birthday parties for girls in the summer. Having the foot spas outside is awesome because you can pour bubble bath in them and have so much fun watching the bubble bath grow in the foot spas. If your a teenager and don’t want a bubble-tastic spa party in the garden its still great to have your spa party outside, put down loads of throws or have a marquee decorated in a swish summer style that will impress your friends.

Summer Spa Parties in the Garden

3. Summer Princess Party

Third on our list is are summer princess parties, these are great parties to have at home in your garden you can have treasure hunts, pinatas, crafts in the garden, glitter hair sprays, party games and loads of fun and dancing in the sunshine.

4. Outdoor Summer Catwalk Party

Get yourself a rail with accessories, feather boas and props. A table with loads of cool experimental make-up, blast some cool summer tunes and you have yourself an outdoor summer catwalk makeover party for girls.

Summer outdoor catwalk makeover party for girls in London

5. Hawaii Themed Girls Pamper Parties

With Hawaii parties its not only about the look and the decor of the party its about the summer Hawaii party experience. At Grumpy But Gorgeous we know how to throw awesome Hawaii themed Spa and Pamper Parties for Girls and Teenagers and we can throw them for parents who are on all kinds of budgets.

From summer turquoise and diamante eyes, to hula catwalks and feather boa limo, we know pretty much every way to throw a super girly but super fun Hawaii themed party for girls.

For party favours why not organise inflatable beach balls in cellophane for a super awesome party bag gift that will be the coolest thing anyone has ever seen this coming summer!

Hawaii themed pamper parties for girls in London

If you would like Grumpy But Gorgeous to help you plan your summer outdoor themed spa, pamper, princess, catwalk or pool party for your girls party this year then contact us via our website and let us know your requests, we cover the whole of the UK not just London and we would be happy to help!

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