Girls Beauty Parties

Kids beauty parties can be so much fun if you want them to be, for younger girls beauty parties are great fun and a great way to be confident, colourful and be your crazy inner self around your friends. With fun catwalks, dress up items and some child friendly make-up, everyone can have an awesome time and for teenagers our teen beauty parties include spa treatments, makeovers and we even offer limo and photographer hire too!

Teen Spa Party By Grumpy But Gorgeous

We have put together some great beauty party packages over the years which include spa parties for girls and teenagers to fashionista makeover parties for kids and you can theme your party however you would like to.

The best way to choose your beauty party is to choose a party that you know your daughter and her friends will enjoy, over the years we have encountered kids who really just want to have a bouncy castle but mum really wants them to have their nails painted, in our world, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having both but your main focus should be on your child and what they will enjoy the most! After all, its their birthday party! Our spa parties can be done outside in the summer providing it’s not raining of course!

Summer Spa Parties For Kids

On the other hand, we have a LOT of kids who adore being pampered, it makes them feel grown up and special and some kids often feel like they have earnt it, just as us adults do when we go to the spa for a day.

Relaxing Beauty Party For Kids and Teenagers in London

Take a look at our website for some great beauty ideas for girls Beauty parties: