Teen Beauty Parties

A teenagers beauty regime gets more and more complex and confusing the older they get, with make-up mishaps and some resorting to shaving their eyebrows off its no wonder teenage girls are confused, fed up and want to simply feel good about themselves.

Throwing your teenager a beauty party is a great way to help boost her self esteem, to educate her and to give her and her friends the opportunity to ask some industry professionals those beauty questions they really want to know.

What to include in a teen beauty party?

Great question, heres a list of the top 5 things you should consider including in your teenage beauty party.

makeover parties for teenage girls in london
Teenage girls styling their hair


  1. Make-up removing with pads – a great way to educate girls to take their make-up off before they start their skin care routine, make-up can clog pores and won’t do achne any favours, taking off your make-up and mascara before the next step will help you to not get panda eyes!
  2. Face Mask & Cucumber – a great way to relax when you first start your beauty party, be sure to follow step one so that when you remove your cucumbers you don’t have mascara all over your face (although it would be really funny) have some face cloths to hand or some sponges and give them to your friends to help them wash off the mask once its set. We recommend The Body Shop Honey and Oat 3 In 1 Scrub Mask 100ml its great for sensitive and spot prone skin and it’s used in many of our teen spa parties.
  3. Nail Varnish – Nail varnish is a must, you can get a set of nail varnish from amazon with a selection of colours which will save you time and money and there will be a colour for everyone, paint each others fingers and toes and even get yourself some toe seperators to make your beauty party more authentic, girly and fun for everyone. Get Your 50 x NAIL POLISH VARNISH SET 47 DIFFERENT COLOURS 2 PACKAGING BOXES THE PERFECT GIFT WHOLESALE THE BEST GIFT UK
  4. Magazines – the best way to wait for your toe nails to dry is to have a selection of girly and gossip magazines, beauty themed if you like, so that your guests can gossip away about the stories, tips, celebrities etc inside of the magazines! It’s a great ice breaker too so if there’s a group of shy, less confident girls, magazines can be an awesome way to bring them out of their shells. It also gives the beauty party more of a salon style feeling to it!
  5. Makeover Equipment – Use your straighteners, crimpers, curling wand, rollers, hair accessories and your make-up and experiment with your friends to create the perfect look, its great fun for teenagers and you will have such a giggle, we are sure you will make each other look hilarious or on the other hand, someone may even find out they have a real talent for beauty and you may all be going to them for tips and advise for many years to come!

Beauty parties don’t have to be serious parties about beauty, they can be fun, relaxed and a great way to have a girly get together.

If you would like to find some beauty party companies to carry out your teen beauty party please get in touch with us, we would be happy to help: http://www.grumpybutgorgeous.com