Top Five 13th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls In London

13th Birthday parties can be a headache to organise and as a mother or the birthday girl you really want and need to get it just right so that its enjoyable and memorable for the birthday girl and her friends.

If your a mother looking to out do your daughters friends and throw the 13th birthday party of the year then look no further than our top 5 13th birthday party ideas for girls in London 2016.

  1. 13th Birthday Spa Party

Throw your teenager a teen spa party, choose the color theme of your choice from our set styles or ask us for a bespoke theme, our party styling is free and comes with the party package that you choose, you can see our teenage spa parties on our website which is at the bottom of this page. There are loads to choose from and the girls can enjoy manicures, pedicures, facials and even get their own spa robes and foot spas for the duration of the party. Spa Parties for teenagers are great fun and Grumpy But Gorgeous has the wow factors and is one of the best spa party companies in London for 13th Birthday Parties.


2. 13th Birthday Makeover Parties

Get your hair styled, your make-up done and pose for lots of photos with your glass of pink non alcoholic champagne, all in a room decked out like a salon in your own home or venue. Sounds pretty awesome to me!

The team behind Grumpy But Gorgeous’ teen makeover parties throws hundreds of 13th birthday makeover parties for girls in London and knows how to make every single party unique, memorable and a fun experience for all involved. You can create different looks depending on if your going to see a movie afterwards or maybe your going to your own disco party with some of the guys invited too, what ever your reason for wanting a makeover party, Grumpy But Gorgeous will tailor it to your needs to ensure your party is the best 13th birthday party your friends have ever been to and one that you simply wont forget.

makeover parties for teenage girls in london
Teenage girls styling their hair


3. Teenage Limo Party London

Treat yourself to a spa party or a make-over beauty party before enjoying yourself on in a privately hired limousine for you and your mates, we usually recommend an hours drive around the area or a 2 hour drive if you want to go around some of the sights in London, in London the limousines can seat between 8 & 16 passengers and if your under 16 you will need a person over the age of 18 to be in the car with you during your cruise, but don’t let that stop your fun, with Karaokes, non alc champagne and a car full of helium balloons with windows you can stick your head out of, what 13 year old wouldn’t want one of these parties!

We recommend the Pink Hummer for 13th birthday parties for girls in London but you can choose what ever limo you like, afterall, it’s your birthday party. For those of you who want to have a little more fun, a party bus is highly recommended.

Limo Parties For Girls in London

4.Teen Hollywood Glamour Party

Hollywood themed parties are awesome if you want something grand but fun, girly but unique and of course adding the glamour into the theme of the party indicates that its going to be somewhat of an awesome party.

First you need to get pampered in your own Hollywood themed spa room, complete with robes and foot spas to make you feel like the Hollywood superstar that you are, think of this part of the party as a pre oscars pamper, after the spa you will get your hair and make-up done to make you feel a million dollars and then you are ready for a meal out, a disco, a cruise in a limo or for lots of photos and a red carpet runway for the finale of your party.

Hollywood themed parties for teenagers in London are available from Grumpy But Gorgeous and the website link is available at the bottom of the page.

Hollywood Themed Spa Party For Teenage Girls in London

5. 13th Birthday Sleepover Party

What better way to end an evening of fun and memories than to have a teenager sleepover party, complete with spa activities, makeovers, fun, laughter and loads of truth or dares!

Grumpy But Gorgeous organises the best sleepover parties for teenagers in London and they bring along movies, spa equipment and professional beauticians and party hosts to ensure you have an awesome birthday party.


For more details on how to plan your daughters or your own 13th birthday party in London please contact Grumpy But Gorgeous Pamper Parties – or call them on 02032392026