Kids Makeover Parties

All young girls love to dress up, apply cosmetics, and appear in public like their favorite actresses, singers, Cinderella, and favorite characters in movies. It is not uncommon for little girls to play with their mothers’ makeup kits and try to look like grownups. There is nothing wrong with that, but adult cosmetics are not designed for children, meaning the ingredients and chemical compounds used in the cosmetics can be harmful for girls’ sensitive skin.

On the other hand, it is not really appropriate to purchase a kit of girls’ cosmetics and let your daughters apply make up for school or sleepovers. Grumpy But Gorgeous offers the perfect solution to your problem by providing a range of services for kids makeover parties. Little girls can dress up the way they want using only children-safe cosmetics manufactured specifically for sensitive young skin. We also offer a great number of glamour clothes for photo sessions when the make-up is done.

Little girls would love to have some sparkling and glittering cosmetics on the hair and face, combined with nail varnish and princess costume. Grumpy But Gorgeous understands that the makeover should not be the only fun part in the party, but there must be other fun activities to create memorable experiences with friends and all the party guests.

Parents are involved during preparation and there will be discussions about what services to provide. It allows your daughters to satisfy their imaginations and creative mind, but we make sure that all those things are under your guidance and supervisions. While the girls have fun, parents have the needed peace of mind, knowing that their beloved ones are in good hands, being treated and spoiled as they deserve.

Grumpy But Gorgeous works only with professional staff members who understand how to make every little girl’s day feel special yet safe for their still-growing skin tissues throughout the body. All treatments and cosmetics applied to every girl are completely safe. To make sure of it, we will consult parents about any underlying skin conditions and other things we should know in advance.

Many young girls play with unattended cosmetic equipment and put themselves in risk of skin damages due to direct exposure to harm chemicals. Instead of putting your daughters to the risk, Grumpy But Gorgeous has the right safe solution. Let us not forget that children cosmetic kits come at a price, and purchasing the kit is not actually a budget-minded decision because you will not want to let your kids apply the cosmetics too often. Instead of spending money on something your kids rarely use, Grumpy But Gorgeous has what it takes to celebrate special occasions for your daughters without breaking the bank and other risks.

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